Live Video Streaming

The MIHA State Championship is the culmination of the High School Equestrian Team season.  40 Teams from schools across the State of Michigan, come together for a 4-day competition to award the state finalists.

MIHA is proud to broadcast the Championship live over the internet in its entirety. This page will broadcast footage from both competition arenas simultaneously so that the public, friends, family, and schools can watch and enjoy this final competition from anywhere! 

The State Championship runs 2 arenas simultaneously. You can watch either arena using the links below. Each arena has 2 cameras.  Camera 1 is a “manned” camera of the arena and Camera 2 is the overview of the arena. The video streaming is available on Windows, Mac OSX, iPhones, iPads, Android Phones, and Android Tablets.

If you would like to see the current placings for the teams, the scores (and orders of go) are online here

Watch Now:

Indoor Arena – Camera 1 (Up Close)

 Indoor Arena – Camera 2 (Overview)

Outside Arena – Camera 1 (Up Close)

Outside Arena – Camera 2 (Overview)

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