To ensure a safe environment during the Covid-19 Pandemic, MIHA has been developing recommended safety guidelines for our 20 district meets, 5 Regionals meets and our State Championship.  These guidelines have been provided to all district chairs to assist them in preparing for their meets. Unfortunately, the needs of each district vary widely and therefore the safety guidelines developed are just that guidelines.  We wanted to take a moment and share some of these guidelines with our parents, riders and other interested parties in an effort to help everyone joining us this MIHA season to feel more at ease during these stressful times.

Suggested guidelines may include:

  • Limiting attendance
  • Providing signage to encourage social distancing
  • Covid Release forms for all in attendance at the meets
  • Coaches meetings being held outdoors
  • Use sanitizer on flags, trail gate, 2-man relay hoses, or anything else multiple participants are touching