Junior High Virtual Horse Show

Virtual Horse Show #4:

Pre-Entry June 14-21

Video Entries Due June 17-24:


Virtual Horse Show #3:

Pre-Entry June 6-13

Video Entries Due June 9-16:


Virtual Horse Show #2:

Pre-Entry May 25-31

  • Entry Form–Pre-Entry Period Ended (payment is accepted with the form)

Video Entries Due June 1-7:


Virtual Horse Show #1:

Pre-Entry May 18-24

  • Entry Form–Pre-Entry Period Ended (payment is accepted with the form)

Video Entries Due May 25-31:



One video upload per entry.

With the uncertainty of our horse showing season for this year we felt this was an option we wanted to provide for our junior exhibitors. We feel this is a way for riders to fine tune their skills and possibly get more feedback than they would at a traditional horse show. Riders will not be paying a rider registration fee this year unless their district actually holds a horse show. After expenses any extra monies from this show will be used for our MIHA Scholarship Fund.

Participants must be a 2019-2020 5th thru 8th grade students. Either home schooled or attending school in Michigan.

Patterns will be posted about one week before each class begins.  At that time riders may pre enter their class by filling out the entry form and paying via CC (through PayPal) $5.00 per class. (See link on our Main page and MIHA Jr Virtual show group page.  Once a class starts riders will have 7 days to video their pattern, and post the video to the appropriate Class album (ie. Western Fitting and Showing) on our MIHA Jr Virtual horse show group page off our main MIHA Facebook page.  Make sure to include Members name and Team name. (must match entry form)

Clothing requirements for all classes will be a long sleeve shirt, pants and appropriate boots and headwear. You may wear show clothing if you wish as long as it meets the requirements.  SEI approved helmets must be worn is all Hunt Seat, Bareback and Timed Event classes. Clothing and equipment not to be scored, only the rider’s ability and horse’s performance will be judged.

We are using the Jr #1 patterns that were distributed earlier in the year on the webpage with a few modifications such as specific cone distance measurements and camera placement.  This will help with the consistency of the patterns for judging.  The camera placement for showmanship for instance is behind the last cone. The videographer needs to be at least 4 feet behind the last cone so judges are able to see the horses foot placement for the set up. The person posing as the judge needs to stand beside or behind the videographer until the horse is set up.  The videographer will then take two steps to the right and then the judge will walk around the horse moving to their left first in a clockwise direction with the horse’s head being 12:00 and the tail 6:00. The videographer will stay in that position until the end of the pattern. It is important that the videographer focus on the showman’s performance not the movement of the judge. If the location is elsewhere in the arena such as a riding pattern it is suggested that the videographer be seated to give them more stability and stillness.  Exhibitors will signal the end of their pattern by rewarding their horse!  Tripod for camera is permissible when doing inspection.

When videoing timed events it will be necessary to have one phone to video and one phone to time or have a stop watch. The videographer will stand outside the arena at the timing line. It will be necessary to see the timer start at the beginning of the run and have the videographer follow the rider on course and be able to view the timer again as the rider crosses the timing line.  We will distribute a modified speed patterns to accommodate the smaller arenas.  In the spirit of sportsmanship, we expect all measurements to be truthful to keep things fair for all.

Judges will have 7 days to judge entries and post the results to the MIHA Facebook page. Scores and placings of the top ten riders in each class will be posted. Each entry will receive their score sheet or feedback from the judge. If entries warrant we will split classes by Regions so it is important that you include your district # on your entry form.

Show Schedule:

May 25-31 Western Showmanship, Hunt Seat Showmanship & Saddle Seat Showmanship
June 1-7 Saddle Seat Equitation, Hunt Seat Equitation, Western Equitation W/T, Western Bareback W/T, Flag Race
June 9-16 Saddle seat Pattern, English Equitation W/T, English Equitation Bareback W/T, Western Equitation, Cloverleaf
June 17-24 Equitation over Fences (Hunter Hack Mod), Western Reining, Trail, Stakes Race