District Chairpersons

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The Board of Directors is made up of the District Chairpersons of each of the 19 Districts that make up MIHA.  They attend the monthly Board of Directors meetings.  With the Executive Board, the Board of Directors make up the leadership of MIHA. The duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors include policy making and determination of standard operating procedures for MIHA.  As well as lead and manage the teams in their District. A District Chairperson is a registered adult coach, assistant adult coach or adult volunteer, who is elected by a majority vote, annually, of the registered adult coaches in their respective district.

This is a map of the general District lines for MIHA.  There are many instances where teams are in different districts than these boundaries on the map.  If you are unsure of which District your team is in, click here for a full team list to see if your school has a team and which District your school is a member of.  If you are unsure, starting a new team, or just have general inquires about the District lines, please email the Executive Board

MIHA District Chairpersons:

District 1

Dakota Holman
Email: dakotaholman1996@gmail.com
Phone: (248) 390-3902983
District Website: http://d1.miha.org

District 2

Jessica Robbins
Email: armadaequestrian@gmail.com
Phone:b (517) 204-2639
District Website: http://d2.miha.org

District 3

Lisa Crowder
Email: MIHADC3@gmail.com
Phone: (269) 208-0652
District Website:

District 4

Kelly Collison
Email: mihad4@yahoo.com
Phone: (734) 389-6443
District Website: http://d4.miha.org

District 5

Candice Russell
Email: mihadistrict5@gmail.com
Phone: (616) 915-8802
District Website: http://d5.miha.org

District 6

Arlene Koenig
Email: akkoenig@chartermi.net
Phone: (989) 684-6951
District Website: http://d6.miha.org

District 7

Myra Zolynsky
Email: mzolynsky1@aol.com
Phone: (248) 231-9165
District Website: http://d7.miha.org

District 8

Tiffany Spedowski
Email: tspeds@yahoo.com
Phone: (231) 287-0113
District Website: http://d8.miha.org/

District 9

Alyssa Walter
Email: district9.miha@gmail.com
Phone: (231) 690-9085
District Website: http://d9.miha.org/

District 10

Tracy Marr
Email: tracy6_78@yahoo.com
Phone: (517) 206-3194
District Website: http://d10.miha.org/

District 11

Vicki Karrer
Email: pickupcowgirl3@yahoo.com
Phone: (989) 721-8004
District Website: http://d11.miha.org

District 12

Bob Clogg
Email: cowboybob@comcast.net
Phone: (586) 615-1828
District Website: http://d12.miha.org

District 14

Marie Curell
Email: curellm@hotmail.com
Phone: (810) 614-9390
District Website: http://d14.miha.org

District 15

Michelle Goshorn
Email: goshornacres@yahoo.com
Phone: (269) 209-5524
District Website:

District 16

Bill Machielle
Phone: (616) 886-0699
District Website: http://d16.miha.org/

District 17

Hidi Morford
Email: hmorford@hotmail.com
Phone: (989) 763-1564
District Website: http://d17.miha.org

District 18

Jeanna Michalek
Email: jeannamichalek@gmail.com
Phone: (517) 643-1778
District Website:

District 19

Kate Higley
Email: snowpeach5@aol.com
Phone: (616) 460-9742
District Website: http://d19.miha.org

District 20

Casey Butler
Email: ccbutler1@live.com
Phone: (231) 350-2878
District Website: http://d20.miha.org/